From being a housewife to a successful IFA
  • Radha Sarvesh Sinai Narvencar
  • March 12th, 2020
  • Goa
  • 205
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I started my mutual fund business in Dec 2015 and aim to do 50 lakhs SIP book and 40 cr AUM by 2020. Presently I have 410 live SIPs and 14 Crores of AUM.

I have to convince people a lot since people have a concept of only FDs in mind and they were always thinking that mutual funds are risky. I started taking small investor awareness programs. Explained them with proper presentations how they can create wealth in long term by investing in equities. I also explained them why debt funds and liquid funds are better than savings and FDs and the tax benefits. Above all, I stressed on goal based planning and early retirement and this helped me in engaging with my clients. Along with this I also suggested them other instruments such as term insurance, Health insurance, etc.

I am a commerce graduate and housewife by profession. I read a lots when it comes to finance and love my profession. I feel happy that I am able to help my clients to achieve their financial goals by way sharing the knowledge.

After reading Mr. Brijesh Dalmia’s  blogs, I am getting more serious towards technology and now I am starting online portal along with mobile app.

Client satisfaction and their future goal is my priority.


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