When you become a Member, you get the following access/benefits.

Access to Masterstroke Online Sales Presenter

Having the right tools makes it easy to sell more. With Masterstroke Sales Presenters, you will definitely have the edge. It will help you in approaching clients/prospects with quality presentations. It will help boost your brand too. Over a thousand mutual fund distributors across the country are using it with great results.

Access to Masterstroke Client Proposals with Financial Calculators

This is a fantastic tool to prepare instant investment proposals for clients with personal branding.

  • You can do various calculations/goal planning with a summary or detailed report. Over 30 Calculators and over 50 simulations.
  • You can add your suggested mutual fund schemes for investments along with performance history.
  • You can add unique sales presenters in the report, like SIP, STP, SWP, goal planning, etc.
  • You can download the report in PDF and send it to clients via email, What's App.
  • You can save your report for future use too.

Click here to See Sample reports

Access to Premium Banners

Download Premium Promotional Banners with your own branding which you can share with your clients and prospects through WhatsApp or Social Media.

  • Promotional Banner: 2-4 banners every month, 30-40 Banners in a year.
  • Choose the banners category wise.

Access to Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos are extremely effective for your marketing campaigns.

Download Marketing Videos with your personal branding which you can share with your clients and prospects through WhatsApp or Social Media.

  • Every month we will give you at least 1 marketing video.
  • Choose the videos category wise.

Access to Trail Calculators

You can do your business planning through power trail calculators. .

  • Check how much trail you can get on single SIP / new monthly SIPs
  • Check how much AUM you can build through SIP / Lumpsum business
  • Check future growth potential of trail and AUM by entering your current AUM.SIP details.
  • Many other trail calculators.

Many other features

We will keep adding new features for members. 

Cost of Membership

Price – Rs.9,999/- inclusive of GST (valid for 12 months). You can pay directly by login/register on our website.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has tied up with us. They are offering the membership for just Rs.2,100 annually. This amount will be deducted in 12 monthly installments of Rs.175/- only from your ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund brokerage amount.

How to Register through ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund:

Step #1
SMS “Masterstroke<UNDERSCORE>Yes<SPACE>ARN-<YOUR ARNCODE>" from your registered mobile number to 8422997997.
Eg. Masterstroke_Yes ARN-12345

Step #2
Read and accept the terms and conditions on the following link:-

On Successful registration, you will receive a confirmation SMS from ICICI Pru. In case you do not receive a confirmation message, please recheck the SMS format as above. Also, ensure you are sending the message from your registered mobile number.


You will get full support from the Masterstroke team. You can ask for demo also. For any assistance/query,
call Suman @ +91-9883818627

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