12 Dec 2016

Clients want safety, IFAs sell risk

Most clients are conservative. They don't want to take risks. They are alright with reasonable returns. However, IFAs generally try to s ...

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06 Dec 2016

Ask for reference

Reference is the most powerful tool in sales. Never end a meeting without asking one. You should keep a record of total clients and clients ...

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01 Dec 2016

Advisory will make you wealthy

Selling can make you rich. Advisory will make you wealthy. Selling is easy and you can become rich too. However, if you want to take your bu ...

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18 Nov 2016

Follow processes, not markets

Where are markets headed? Never ask anyone this question. Because nobody knows. If anyone answers, he is simply guessing. Period. Listen to ...

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07 Nov 2016

Trust and competency wins

Let me be clear and straight. If money plays a vital role in your relationship with clients, it won't last long. If clients judge your a ...

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02 Nov 2016

The power of time

The only way to beat the market is to have sufficient time. Time can even correct bad decisions. If you want to expose clients to equity-ori ...

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24 Oct 2016

Respect Clients

Respect clients or leave them. Never bad-mouth your client. If a client is not understanding it is your job to educate him. If you are ...

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19 Oct 2016

Disruption will keep on happening

Disruption is happening in the investment advisory marketplace in India. Regulation is tightening the grip. Competition is emerging fast. Di ...

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07 Oct 2016

Adapt to changes

The world is changing. Businesses are changing. Some are changing by choice. Some are being forced to change. Whatever the case be, change i ...

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05 Oct 2016

Build Integrity

Build your practice on integrity, not sales. Sales never last. Integrity does. Client's interest should be protected first before t ...

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03 Oct 2016

Think long term

Twenty years ago, I never thought that the financial industry would shape something like this. If I would have known, I would have thought I ...

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23 Sep 2016

Use knowledge, not gut feeling

Nothing beats knowledge. Advisory should be based on competence, not gut feeling. IFAs must remember that clients trust them with their hard ...

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16 Sep 2016

Reduce risk on client's portfolio

Reduce the overall risk on the client's portfolio. They talk returns but they want safety first. Rather than equity heavy portfolio, con ...

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09 Sep 2016

SIP is like a tortoise

In the race between the tortoise and rabbit, tortoise wins. SIP is like the tortoise. It starts slow but it never stops. Initially, you may ...

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23 Aug 2016

Meet top IFAs

The easiest way to become a top IFA is to be in the company of other top IFAs. Sure, you are different and your strategies, client profile, ...

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18 Aug 2016

Do you have confidence in the industry?

I meet thousands of IFAs across the country. Some of them are highly successful while others are struggling. If I were to identify one key e ...

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04 Aug 2016

Keep Going

Keep your focus intact. Keep your head down. Keep your discipline running. Keep selling SIPs. Keep servicing clients. Keep understanding the ...

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01 Aug 2016

Be passive

Passive approach wins. Not only passive investors make money when it comes to advisors; those who apply a long term approach in their adviso ...

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15 Jun 2016

Focus on Asset Allocation

Many IFAs go extra bullish on equity funds because they think equity as an asset class outperforms other investments over long periods. They ...

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18 Apr 2016

Clients are like SIPs

Clients are like SIP. With time they grow. SIPs don't give instant rewards. They take years and decades to create wealth. Similarly, cli ...

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08 Apr 2016

Make loyal clients

A lot of IFAs feel happy that they have hundreds and thousands of customers. However, they don't have a large business. This is because ...

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