24 Apr 2017

Market Valuation

I have seen that markets rarely trade at fair value. They trade either way a premium or at a discount. For eg., If you think that Index' ...

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17 Apr 2017

Stick to clients in thick and thin

We as IFAs grow because our clients grow. Stick to them in thick and thin. All clients won't grow but a few of them will grow at a light ...

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10 Apr 2017

SIP is like the tortoise

SIPs don’t yield much in the short term; both for the clients and the IFA. However, it is like a tortoise. It eventually wins. Build y ...

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03 Apr 2017

Respect regulations

The mutual fund industry is growing. A lot of money is at stake now. This is the reason regulation is getting stricter. To grow, you must al ...

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27 Mar 2017

Focus on process, not markets.

It is impossible to control the markets. They will always surprise. Focus on your processes. It will help you grow. Set your client engageme ...

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20 Mar 2017

Work silently

There are hundreds of IFAs who have grown in the last decade. You may not know most of them. The reason is; they worked silently all the way ...

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06 Mar 2017

Focus on learning, not noise.

Focus on learning. Don't get involved in useless discussions which yield nothing. AUM talks, nothing else matters. Super IFAs focus on d ...

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27 Feb 2017

Sell what you will buy

To become a successful IFA is easy. Sell what you will buy for yourself. When you are fully convinced about a product, you can sell it with ...

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20 Feb 2017

Talk solutions, not sales.

Clients are not interested in your targets and commissions. They are only interested in solutions which can improve their financial life. Li ...

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13 Feb 2017

Make your clients investment rise. Clients will protect you from falling.

If you help your clients investment go up, clients will protect you from falling down. It is simple and there is no rocket science in this. ...

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06 Feb 2017

Hire people for service.You are best suited for sales.

IFAs are best suited for sales, not paperwork. Hire people for servicing and other issues. You should get engaged in sales. That is what you ...

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30 Jan 2017

Reserve a day every week for prospecting

Adding new clients is very important. It is critical to increase your business and also to replace existing clients who will leave you for v ...

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27 Jan 2017

Stay away from garbage

Investment advisory is basically about (1) Integrity (2) knowledge of products and (3) managing clients behaviour. That's it. If you ...

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18 Jan 2017

Don't copy others. Find your niche.

Every advisor is different. Learn from others but don't try to copy. Your age, background, expertise, city, clients, etc are all differe ...

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11 Jan 2017

Do the right thing

Buy and hold remains the most profitable virtue of investing. Yet, most financial advisors try to play an active role in managing their clie ...

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09 Jan 2017

Money spent on learning multiplies most

The investment you make will grow with time. Your SIPs will give you fantastic returns. However, your investment could be money spent on lea ...

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02 Jan 2017

Build Relationships

Many IFAs constantly try to get in touch with clients with the sole objective of selling financial products. In every communication, there i ...

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30 Dec 2016

Long Route is the Short Route

If you want to take the short cut, take the long route. Yes, that's the way you can cut the distance by half. A short cut is a myth. It ...

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27 Dec 2016

Super IFAs

Super IFAs of today were not made in a day. They also faced challenges along the way. Regulations, market crashes, redemptions and what not. ...

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23 Dec 2016

How to become productive

Many IFAs work very hard. They work day and night. Still, they struggle to grow. It is because they are not productive in their work. They g ...

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19 Dec 2016

The biggest compounding factor in business

All of us know the magic of compounding in investments. However, the biggest compounding in our profession is 'compounding of client&#39 ...

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