14 Jul 2018

Returns or Safety

It is quite natural for clients to look for higher returns but as investment professional we must know that safety is their primary concern. ...

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05 Jun 2018

What should be the amount transfer strategy in STP

STPs could be used in many ways. It could be used as a capital protection strategy wherein only the appreciation amount can be transferred t ...

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03 May 2018

Daily or weekly SIP vs monthly SIP

Few AMCs and IFAs promote daily or weekly SIPs. They claim that historical data suggests that returns are better because of this. Many IFAs ...

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06 Feb 2018

Don't always jump to do bottom fishing

Remember this. Every rise is not the top and every fall is not an opportunity to buy. Don’t always jump to do bottom fishing. The port ...

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25 Sep 2017

Give 70% time to mutual funds

Different clients have different needs. So, there is no problem in selling different financial products to your clients. However, for you to ...

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04 Sep 2017

Power of compounding for IFAs

They say ‘Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world’. I agree. It works not only for clients but IFAs too. Clients reap compoun ...

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06 Mar 2017

Focus on learning, not noise.

Focus on learning. Don't get involved in useless discussions which yield nothing. AUM talks, nothing else matters. Super IFAs focus on d ...

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09 Jan 2017

Money spent on learning multiplies most

The investment you make will grow with time. Your SIPs will give you fantastic returns. However, your investment could be money spent on lea ...

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23 Sep 2016

Use knowledge, not gut feeling

Nothing beats knowledge. Advisory should be based on competence, not gut feeling. IFAs must remember that clients trust them with their hard ...

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