25 Apr 2019

Stay Loyal to your Clients

Most clients are extremely loyal to their advisors. All they expect is an honest advice and good service. They may talk about returns but ev ...

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04 Dec 2017

New clients will stay longer

It is important to hold clients for long term to benefit from them. It takes a lot of time to acquire a client and so it is crucial that the ...

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27 Nov 2017

Be on the client's side

As an IFA, our ultimate objective is to increase our AUM and increase our revenue. However, in order for this to happen, we must always be o ...

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30 Oct 2017

Do more client meetings

I coined a golden strategy to grow in mutual fund business. It was the rule of 10/10 – to meet 10 existing/prospective clients every w ...

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09 Oct 2017

Focus on Active Clients

A lot of IFAs claim to have large number of clients and yet their AUM is small. This is because they have a lot of inactive clients. In this ...

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18 Sep 2017

Keep meeting clients

In the beginning, your conversion ratio of clients will be poor. May be out of 100 prospective you meet, you would be able to convert just 2 ...

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21 Aug 2017

Client First

If you make money faster than clients, you will end up being poor in this business. An IFA should grow with the growth of his clients. It ta ...

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14 Aug 2017

Don't use your gut feeling while advice clients

I sometime use my gut feeling for investing my own money but I only use knowledge and wisdom when it comes to my client’s money. This ...

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24 Jul 2017

Don't prove the client wrong

No doubt an IFA knows more than clients about mutual funds. However, don’t try to prove the client wrong. Instead, walk with them and ...

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17 Apr 2017

Stick to clients in thick and thin

We as IFAs grow because our clients grow. Stick to them in thick and thin. All clients won't grow but a few of them will grow at a light ...

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30 Jan 2017

Reserve a day every week for prospecting

Adding new clients is very important. It is critical to increase your business and also to replace existing clients who will leave you for v ...

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06 Dec 2016

Ask for reference

Reference is the most powerful tool in sales. Never end a meeting without asking one. You should keep a record of total clients and clients ...

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24 Oct 2016

Respect Clients

Respect clients or leave them. Never bad-mouth your client. If a client is not understanding it is your job to educate him. If you are ...

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18 Apr 2016

Clients are like SIPs

Clients are like SIP. With time they grow. SIPs don't give instant rewards. They take years and decades to create wealth. Similarly, cli ...

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08 Apr 2016

Make loyal clients

A lot of IFAs feel happy that they have hundreds and thousands of customers. However, they don't have a large business. This is because ...

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29 May 2017

Manage Clients

Essentially, IFAs need to manage clients more than their investments. Volatility is part of this business and clients are generally not comf ...

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