29 Apr 2020

Franklin Templeton’s decision to close down six schemes.

What really happened to six funds of Franklin Templeton which are closed for redemptions? Why did FT take this call? Historically, FT&rsq ...

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29 Sep 2018

The falling markets and your investments – what to do?

During the last one month you must have noticed that equity markets have been going down. Large cap index is down about 6-8% from their all ...

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21 Sep 2018

One huge benefit from TER cut decision

Here is my take on its impact to various market intermediaries. B-30 Overall negative for B-30. Small and genuine distributors in B-30 ...

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06 Mar 2018

B-15 out, LTCG in – way forward for IFAs now

For the last two years, I had been mentioning that B15 incentives won’t stay forever. It’s a subsidy and subsidies don’t l ...

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29 Jan 2018

FREE Fitbit for your business growth

Fitbit is an amazingly successful global idea – you wear your personal fitness tracker like a watch around your wrist, and it keeps a ...

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29 Jan 2018

Why IFAs should read books? Suggested Books for IFAs

I have been reading since long. Last few years, I have been reading a lot more. And I strongly believe that IFAs will benefit a lot by devel ...

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23 Jan 2017

9 points to convince clients about staying back

In a nutshell Some uncomfortable client conversations have begun after commission disclosure in CAS statements have been enforced, and it i ...

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15 Jan 2017

Is ELSS really better than PPF for 80C?

In a nutshell Its tax saving season and fund distributors and fund houses are busy demonstrating lots of facts and figures to justify why ...

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15 Jan 2016

Fee Model – If you don’t get it right in beginning, it will hurt later

Charging fee to clients is a fairly new concept in India and as such there is not much precedence on the right way to do it. As such, a lot ...

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01 Dec 2016

The Power of Compounding – For IFAs

Einstein observed: “Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world.” As financial advisors, we quote this to our clients almost e ...

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31 Oct 2016

Focus on STPs. Not just SIPs.

I will come straight to the point. I think advisors are over obsessed with equity investments. They mostly believe that it is only equity wh ...

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31 Oct 2016

The Super Efficient Planner

In cricket, it’s not only about hitting the ball hard. It’s the right timing which makes more impact to the final result. Financ ...

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24 Oct 2016

6 golden rules to make your profession regulation proof

Investment advisory is a great profession to be in. It holds tremendous potential if you keep the following things in mind. 1. Integ ...

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27 Sep 2016

Indian market is not ready for an RIA model

My observations on SEBI’s press release proposing amendments to Investment Advisor regulations: (1) India is not ready for such ext ...

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16 Jun 2016

The hype, the reality and the dual play

Being an IFA myself, I have been closely watching the developments in the industry in the recent past. I am putting down my thoughts on some ...

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26 Sep 2015

Who benefits if trail is stopped?

A recent committee report on mutual fund cost and remuneration talks about decreasing trail and eventually stopping it after a few years. Wh ...

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29 Jul 2015

Keep it Simple

With so much buzz around technology and innovations in our industry, it is but natural for IFAs to feel that if they don’t plunge head ...

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27 Apr 2015

The Super IFAs

What are the key success factors that enable some IFAs to leave the rest of the pack far behind and build large and successful businesses? H ...

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21 Jan 2015

5 sobering thoughts in these bullish times

Equity markets are scaling new highs, interest rates are falling, mutual fund inflows are swelling, investor folio count is growing – ...

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24 Oct 2014

Is the Industry geared up to embrace ‘All Trail Model’ ?

AMFI’s proposal on an all trail commission model to replace the upfront + trail model has created a flutter within the distribution fr ...

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15 Sep 2014

AMCs, please walk the talk

The straight talking Brijesh Dalmia, who has never minced words when discussing distribution practices that need to be reviewed, strengthene ...

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