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This website is the brain child of Brijesh Dalmia. The purpose of this website is to empower, educate and motivate IFAs / MFDs / RIAs to grow in their profession. I have tried to give you clear answers, suggestions and guidelines to grow your business. The views are personal and IFAs/MFDs/RIAs should adhere to respective guidelines issued by regulators.

Brijesh Dalmia

Brijesh has been connected with financial services industry for over 25 years. He is the founder of ‘Dalmia Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd’, a leading boutique wealth management company in India. Brijesh has done massive work in the area of empowering IFAs across India. He has conducted over 700 IFA programs in over 125 cities in India, reaching out to over 25,000 IFAs. His short motivational and strategy videos and business development messages under ‘Masterstroke’ have huge followings and creating deep impact on IFAs across the country.

A CFPCM, LUTCF and LMF, Brijesh has authored 9 books till now on investments, business practices and personal growth, reaching over 1,00,000 readers. He is considered to be an opinion maker in the industry. His views and articles are regularly published by several leading publications and websites. In year 2016, he was awarded ‘The Oracle Award’ by Wealth Forum for outstanding work in the field of mutual fund awareness and IFA empowerment.

He is also the founder of ‘The Brijesh Dalmia Leadership Company’. As a thinker, writer and motivational speaker in the area of life, leadership and personal development, Brijesh has transformed several lives through his coaching, workshops and keynote speaking. Till now, over 60,000 participants have benefited from his powerful speaking, workshops and seminars.

Brijesh’s mission in life is to spread happiness in world, infuse positivity among people and motivate one and all to find the purpose of life and achieve it. He enjoys reading, writing, swimming and listening to music.

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